Helikopter Mi-28N Jatuh Saat Akrobat

Helikopter Mi-28N Jatuh
Helikopter Mi-28N Jatuh

DimasBagus.com – Satu helikopter militer Mi-28N jatuh di dekat Ryazan, Rusia saat tampil aerobatic. Menurut Kementerian Pertahanan Rusia, satu dari dua pilot meninggal.

Seorang pilot berhasil keluar dari helikopter yang terbakar, seperti pada video Ruptly. Kesehatannya dalam kondisi memuaskan.

Helikopter Mi-28N
Helikopter Mi-28N

Saat melakukan aksi di pertunjukan udara Aviamix pada hari Minggu, helikopter dari tim aerobatic Berkuty (Golden Eagles) tiba-tiba membelok ke satu sisi dan mulai kehilangan ketinggian.

“Helikopter berputar ke bawah kehilangan altitude dan mendarat keras,” kata Kementerian Pertahanan Rusia dalam pernyataannya.

“According to preliminary report of the hospitalized pilot of Mi-28N, when performing an aerobatic stunt, the emergency alert system of the helicopter reported the failure of the hydraulic boost system,” the Defense Ministry’s press service said in a statement.

The helicopter crashed in a forest near the airfield and burst into flames on impact with the ground. Firefighters arrived at the crash site and extinguished the fire within minutes.

Helikopter Tempur Mi-28N Rusia Jatuh - TheMalayMailOnlineDotCom
Helikopter Tempur Mi-28N Rusia Jatuh – TheMalayMailOnlineDotCom

The helicopter is damaged beyond repair, RIA Novosti reports.

Russia’s Air Force Commander-in-Chief Viktor Bondarev has ordered the grounding of all Mi-28 assault helicopters following the catastrophe in central Russia, the Defense Minister reported.

“The crew fought to save the helicopter to the end. Unfortunately, the chief pilot died on impact – the co-pilot survived. According to the second pilot, the accident occurred due to technical failure. I have suspended all Mi-28 flights. The commission under my leadership is working to clarify the causes of the disaster,” Bondarev said.

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